//Woman Inherited Money Out Of The Blue

Woman Inherited Money Out Of The Blue

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Mary found her dream house, but saw that there was still a lot of work that needed to be done.

She thought it was an easy job.
After a specialist came over, she heard that it would cost much more then she budgeted for.
If she sold the house again she would lose a lot of money, but she couldn’t repair it either because the bank denied her loan.

She told herself to search for a solution and fast, before her fiancé would find out.
Because of the wedding planning stress, she thought this wasn’t the moment to bring it up.

But that’s not the end of the story!

Out of the blue she inherited a lot of money from an aunt she didn’t even knew.
She received an email with all the information, first she didn’t believe it, but everything checked out.
After all the commotion calling her friends and family, she had a sudden realisation that this had taken her mind off the fact that all her debt was GONE!
Also she would be able to finish the house and live debt free.

Her Problems Have Been Solved…

The next afternoon Mary checked her account balance and saw the money had reached her bank account.
Mary drove right to the bank. She did two things: the first thing she did was cut a check to realise their dream wedding.
The second she called the loan department and paid off her housing debt.

Since she has everything already paid off she decided to treat her fiancé to a sports car. It was his dream car that he always wanted.

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