With Android O, you may never have to…

It’s been a year since we first heard about Instant Apps, a neat-sounding feature that launches a slice of an app you don’t have, instead of making you download the entire thing from the Play Store. Consider it App Light. Diet App. Now, Google is making Instant Apps a much bigger part of the Android [Read More]

How Google injects speed into the mobile web

Google has tried for years to rehabilitate the web on your phone — and it now has evidence it says shows the effort is paying off. When you’re on your phone, tapping that link in Facebook to a news story or opening the browser to look up movie times can be a wince-inducing process. Even [Read More]

Netflix buying an animated film about Michael Jackson’s…

What do you get when the director of “Thor: Ragnarok,” the animation director of “The Fantastic Mr. Fox,” the production team behind “Rick and Morty,” and an unknown writer walk into a bar in Cannes? Apparently a massive deal with Netflix, according to a report by Deadline. The kicker: It’s a movie about Michael Jackson’s [Read More]

3 reasons why Google Lens won I/O

There were plenty of cool announcements at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference. But the one that got us really excited is Google Lens. Lens is not a piece of hardware, but rather a behind-the-scenes piece of software that can recognize text and objects from a picture or camera. It analyzes and contextualizes what [Read More]

Pandora said to be back in takeover talks…

SiriusXM may not be done with its ambitions to take over Pandora. The Liberty Media-backed satellite radio giant is in active discussions about making a bid for the beleaguered online radio streaming service, the New York Post reported Wednesday. SiriusXM has shown interest before in a possible acquisition of Pandora and recently resumed talks with [Read More]